Top 10 Tips For a Good Website Design

Every business owner wants to have a good looking website, represent their business with good, serious image, high search engine ranking, provides information for their service or products, attract as much as more customers. But unfortunately not all websites have these elements. Here is for you, top 10 things to make your website good and successful.

1. Select one of the top web design company which also specializes in web maintenance, updates and offer SEO.

2. Websites are the voices of the businesses they represent. Lowest priced websites mostly fails to relay effective message to customers.

3. Look is important, design is art. So leave the design to the professionals.

4. Keep a clean and clear design. Use 2-3 colors throughout your website. These should be the same colors used in your logo and company branding. Not only will this make your website look consistent but it will also keep the website looking clean.

5. Avoid too much flash and images, especially if they continue moving. These not only slow down the page load, but they often distract prospects from the main messages. Even worse, they are not readable by search engine spiders.

6. Content is the king. Write useful, informative, original content.

7. Do not clutter the site with too many pictures or too much text.

8. Keep your website up to date.

9. Make sure all the links they work.

10. Put clear contact information on your website.

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