Understand The Process

Work Procedure

How will we work with you to create your new website design? The following detailed description of the steps will help you understand the process:


We begin working together to decide on a design for your new website. We will gather information about your wishes for the site, including your general specifications, any existing artwork, and any sample URLs of other sites whose design you admire. We will ask you to assign a single individual to be the point of contact with us, and we will assign to coordinate the development of your site.

Materials from the Customer

Once we agree on a final price for designing your website, you need to provide us all information, content about your website, including design specifications, desired layout style, text, images, and a logo (unless we will be creating a logo for you).

Advance Payment

A deposit of 50% of the agreed-upon fee is required before design work can begin. We accept payments through PayPal, check or cash.

Demo Page

Within three business days after receiving your materials and advance payment, we will present a design mockup of the home page.

Revision Demo -1

At this stage, you review the demo home page submit any requested changes and/or revisions.

Revision Demo -2

New York Web Design reviews your list of requested changes and consults with you to clarify any questions and ensure that the changes are within the scope of the initial proposal.

Finalize Demo

New York Web Design Studio begins work on your revisions. Please note that once work has begun, the list of revisions cannot be altered. Therefore, you should review your changes carefully before presenting them.

Demo Accepted

At this stage, you review the revised demo and approve each numbered revision until the list is complete. Once an item has been approved, it cannot be revised again without incurring additional charges.


Once you are satisfied with the demo page design, we will begin coding the actual HTML/CSS/Flash pages for your site. NOTE: The time to complete this phase varies:

Final Approval

Once your project is completed, you will receive an “Approval of Completion” e-mail. In signing and returning this letter to New York Web Design, you agree that all work has been completed to your satisfaction. At this point, the remaining 50% of the agreed-upon proposal fee is due. Once we receive the signed approval letter and payment, we will transfer your website files to you. In the case of a new website, it will be made “live.”

Submission to Search Engines

We will submit your website to the top 25 search engines to ensure that people can easily find your site on the Internet.

Happy End! Welcome to the world wide web.