Newsletter Design

We specializes in e-newsletters, a marketing tool designed to reach your prospects and customers. E-newsletters are a highly effective way to drive people to specific, targeted landing pages. In fact, we’ve achieved conversion rates of 25% for prospects who’ve visited these landing pages. Once we’ve created your design and website, we can also create supplemental design that will work with your website. We can also write them for you.

How e-newsletters work

As part of your online campaign, you’ve been collecting e-mail addresses through mechanisms such as websites, contact forms and calculators. Now it’s time to start talking to them.

E-newsletters begin establishing that dialog. E-newsletters typically have a niche focus, so you can target your message based around a specific product or service, a focus on price or even related to a topical event such as a holiday. When you carefully segment your database to match the right message to the right audience, you have achieve a very effective communications piece with a high conversion rate.

After the e-newsletter reader has visited your targeted landing page, you are able to learn more about them. You can analyze what search engine they used, what pages of your site they viewed and more.