Official celebrity website design needs to be creative and elegant… Here are some examples for you to take a look at. I picked some great examples for your review. You decide which website design is good, which is trendy…

If you try to find some movie stars’ or directors’ official websites, you will almost find nothing. I can easily say maybe 10 percent of movie stars or directors have websites. So here are some examples for you to take a look at. I picked three great examples for now.

Tom Cruise‘s official website is as good as himself, artistic, useful, chic and classic. Its modern, clean and has a really cool long reel of clips from all his movies in chronological order.

Jeff Bridges, he is online from long time and he is using his original drawings on his website and it is making his website very original and unique. He was using this style even before being popular this much, this design style. As you know these days this kind of hand writing etc. is very trendy. So I can say Jeff Bridges’s official website is quite aesthetic and original but sometime can be hard to use or read but again he deserve a congratulation.

Francis Ford Coppola, we can say almost an unique director who has own official website and perhaps if he hasn’t other business like publishing, food, wine or cafe etc. He won’t have to website too. Anyway good to see he has a great one. Francis Ford Coppola’s official website is pure artistic, very elegant and very classic. I can easily say that one of the best.

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