4 email subject lines that will get your email read, every time. When you need to grab someone’s attention.

Here are the phrases to use:

1- Don’t Read This Email.

You can’t overuse this one, or it’s loses its impact. But the promise of forbidden information. Is irresistible to people with curious minds, even when they can see through the tactic.

2- I Have a Question for You.

People love to offer their opinions. And it’s flattering to be asked. This subject line also has an air of mystery: What’s the question? Curiosity gaps get people to click and read more.

3- Response Needed.

Straightforwardly tell the recipient that you need to hear back from them. If the message is especially time-sensitive then add the word “urgent!” This works best if the email recipient knows you.

4- I’m getting in touch about ……

Clarity is especially effective with busy people. Who can be annoyed by attempts to be clever. The first-person tense indicated that a human. Is on the other end of the email. Just make you don’t automate your outreach. The impression you give should be authentic.