Google Search Results

Today, a client asked me a question about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and something interesting too. She asked me that she heard that Google is deleting websites if they don’t like it…

This is not true. There is no such things. Any legal subject can find a place it self on Google search results. Only one case, Google deleting/hiding your website from search results, if your website is a total copy of an another website.

It happened to me once, it was around 2008 fall, actually I think October 2008. I was just changed one of my website’s design and wanted to apply some SEO. I was a bit new on the SEO works then. You may remember, experts were saying that ‘if you buy your domain name from a good place it has good effects on SEO, if your domain name has the keywords has positive effects on SEO’ etc. So I bought a totally new domain name with keywords from one of the most expensive domain name provider companies and uploaded the same files as it was on the main website. While I was excited and awaiting to be appear on the first page of Google, instead my main website got lost on Google! Totally lost, like they deleted. Yes they deleted my website from Google search results! How come, how it can be possible? I was in shock and upset…

I started to search a bit and learned that what I did is prohibited. But Google is not eliminating between the websites, which one is the copy… and they deleted the original one. Immediately I removed the files from the new website and around 2 weeks later I was on the Google again. After some good amount of works and good quality content later I was on the first page of Google for quite bit keywords related to the business and website’s content too.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) means, making your website more visible to potential new readers or potential new customers. As much as you are closer to or directly being on the first page of Google it will directly effect your traffic, it means will effect your readers and customer numbers.

Goal is for SEO is to making your website, your blog to bring to first page or closer to fist page of Google.

As you can guess for many competitive subjects, it is very hard to being on the first page of Google. There are thousands of thousands businesses and websites trying to be on the first page of Google.

This will be a short post but in any other post I will explain with details how to do a good SEO with 2019 Google’s rules.

You should know shortly that, as long as your website, your blog has a valuable good content, has answers for people already asking and searching for on the internet, it is very possible if not for some main keywords but for some long tail keywords you will be on the first page or closer pages of Google. It means you will get more traffic, more readers, more ad click and more customers.

Deleting a website or specific content from Google search results is a totally different subject, and we help our clients for this matter too.

Linda Nil