10 Tips for Social Media Success

Fast becoming an effective channel to reach to your target audience, social media can’t be ignored any more. In this post, I am going to share with you 10 tips that will ensure you find success on social media.

1. Visuals. People process visuals faster than the written word. Less copy. More on-message pictures.

2. Likes. Likes are over-rated. They don’t mean anything unless you’re engaging people.

3. Links. Lots of people add links to posts, and that’s good, but too often the links take people away from your goal.

4. Provoke. Some of the most effective posts are nothing more than simple questions. Be provocative, sometimes.

5. Don’t post and leave people on your FB page, relentlessly drive people where you want them to go.

6. Write smart, and don’t forget SEO. When you write to tag and use headlines that will position you appropriately for search engine optimization.

7. Go to the People. Instead of waiting for them to come to you. Post your content everywhere, the more locations, the more viewers!

8. Keep it Original. Do your best to put out as much original content as possible. Original content motivates people to link to you and share your stuff.

9. Repetition. Just because you post something doesn’t mean it’s seen. Sometimes needs to send several times before it’s heard. Post it, repeat it. Post it, repeat it.

10. Save your brand. You need skilled communicators to pull this off. Better to call us now rather than after someone made a post that has your company in a crisis.

And lastly don’t forget, Success Isn’t Built in a Day! Social Media Success is a Marathon Not a Sprint!